Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our Saturday Morning

First, we made & ate some Thundercake, in honor of yesterday's thunderstorm. YUM!

Next, having eaten our fill, we did a little 'world traveling' to some of our favorite people (homeschooling and otherwise) and places on the web. We visited Zambia, England, Montana and Holland, who- alas-were not at home, but off on holiday themselves to France.

And finally, back at home and safely snuggled into the family bed, we enjoyed an impromptu (and very silly) puppet show by our own Zoe May.

Hope your morning was full of fun stuff, too!

[Addendum: And here's some more 'fun stuff.' Print it, paste on cardboard, cut it out (good luck) and ENJOY!]:

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Friday, April 27, 2007


Well, who can believe this? Frankie Joy is 7. SEVEN! A beautiful young lady who can be a demure Ophelia one moment, and a tree-scrambling cowgirl the next, strong and dramatic and bright as all get-out. The force of her emotions can overwhelm both of us at times (7 going on 17, you see) but I am both awed and grateful that she is mine (for the moment) and I think 7 is going to fit her just right.

Oh yeah- And always ready to have some fun:)!

Happy Birthday, Frankie Joy! We love you SOOO much!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

ZOE MAY Turns 4FOUR!!!!

Well, it's hard to believe, but Zoe May recently turned four. The day started with some fabulous and thoughtful presents from Big Sis Frankie, chocolate crepes at our favorite creperie, and finally lots of fun with friends and family at our wonderful 'Tree House.'
It was a very special day, for a VERY special little girl.


We love you SOOOOO much :))!

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