Friday, October 05, 2007

Our Summer Vacation

Well, looks like we took another not-so-little blog break there;) Seeing as I can't possibly catch up, here's just a little synopsis of Our Summer Vacation. Enjoy!:

What we did last summer (not in any particular order and definitely not a complete list)...
Wissahickon Walking::stream hiking::Zoo visiting::butterfly watching::dead bird finding::dance recitals::summer concerts::fireworks::garden digging:: playgroup::playdates::playgrounds::sprayground::Spanish Camp::wave jumping::sand digging::Hogwarts Expressing::kiddie rides::Peter Pan:: Nature Camp::Camp Zoe::Fairy-House building::dress up::make-believe::making new friends::2-wheel biking::Flag Day celebrating::Free Movies::Phlash-Riding::Sunroom building/Daddy watching::Puzzles::Painting:: Scrabble::Swimming::Hummingbird Feeding::Stink-Bug studying::pinwheel twirling::Peace Day Celebrating

Whew! We've been busy, but we had a great summer! Hope your summer was a blast, too!

Happy Fall to All!!!

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