Tuesday, January 07, 2014

52 Weeks-1/52

 So, it's been ages since I posted here (on instagram hourly, though;) But I can't seem to let this blog completely go, so I thought I'd use it for a '52' project. The girls are growing up so fast-Max is almost 8, Zoe is almost 11, and Frankie is a teenager at 13!I feel like they are all on the brink of major developmental leaps, and that this will be a watershed year in many ways. Just want to savor every moment and capture them while they are still my babies:)!Slow down, y'all!

Chocolate World, Hershey Park: I think this may have technically been on the last day of 2013, but thought I'd post it for posterity.

This was definitely 2014! Girls home, staying cozy by the woodstove, reading to the guineas. Frankie looking for her 'costume of the day;)'
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