Friday, February 20, 2009

Frankie’s Woven Wonders

101_0043 Hey,Everyone! Check out Frankie's new bag, for sale at her new Etsy Shop!

Oolala! This bag might not be perfect for a grown up, but to kids this is a 'bring-your-doll-on-a-play-date' kind of bag. Or, if you're on a hike with your paints, this is the kind of bag for that. You're the person who needs this bag, and I know it. One glance at this bag and it's on the way to your house. I know you need it, and that's why it's on Etsy.

Read more about it here.

Edited to add:

*As of 2/21/2009, 100% of the potholder profits at Frankie's Woven Wonders will be donated to 'BreadForThread,' my online project to help the people of Zimbabwe.

For more information about BreadForThread (or to make a secure PAYPAL donation) please visit here.

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