Friday, November 03, 2006

Introducing Our Newest Addition: Magdalena Mae*

Meet Magdalena Mae, aka 'Maggie Mae.' The newest member of the family 'Wissahicks' (and yes, ANOTHER female :)

About a week ago we realized that there was just one tiny thing missing from our lives. And apparently, although we didn't know it yet, it was Maggie Mae. We found her at the Camden County Animal Shelter (in Blackwood, NJ,) a fabulous place to find our perfect pet due to the amazinglydedicated volunteers (Thanks again, Heather:). She is a 3 year-old Spaniel/Beagle mix who had once belonged to what must have been a VERY loving, doting
older family. She is truly a wonderful dog- really just the PERFECT dog for us. She's SO sweet and gentle, very 'low-key,' a great lap dog, and (I think) already feeling comfortable (especially in my special 'boppy'd' computer chair ;) and like part of the family already. And the family just LOVES her! Maxie thinks she is a blast, Frankie just adores her (and is doing a FANTASTIC job of helping care for her,) and even Zoe is experiencing many unguarded and relaxed moments around her (which is saying a lot) and has been very generously donating 'babies' to Maggie Mae from her unlimited supply of dolls and stuffed animals. We took our first walk around the 'hood this morning, and Maggie Mae has already made her first friend, Zushie, of course (and wonderful Marion had a treat bag ready on our way home) and got her very first taste (well, SMELL, really) of the 'Doggie Park,' which she had all to herself! We made a little JPEG movie, which you can view below. The first of many, I am sure. SO,... let me say:

WELCOME! to our wonderful Maggie Mae who we love so much already,

THANK YOU to Heather, and Everyone at the Camden County Animal Shelter (a great place to adopt a loving dog or cat in need of a 'forever home,')

and last, but not least:

SURPRISE! to Saftah (and Sabah)! You are really going to love her, too :)

*Addendum: We've now had our new 'baby' one week, and she continues to be wonderful! Her name, however, does NOT continue to be Maggie. While I loved that name for her, it became very confusing to have a Maggie AND a Maxie. And since it's probably too late to change Max's name (that would probably be even MORE confusing) we opted to change the pup's. So far, she's had a bevy of perfect names, all of which she has somehow responded to: Lil, Mae, Mabel, and (for the moment, at least) Ruby (as in 'Max & Ruby' (sorry, Sarah) for all you Rosemary Wells fans.) Oh, yeah, and Zoe is calling her 'Tree.' We'll see if this latest sticks. More pics to come...


Blogger Sarah said...

How sweet!!!! she is soo pretty, (and how mild mannered!) congrats on your new "baby" !!!

9:45 AM  
Blogger wissahicksathomemama said...

Thanks, Sarah! She really is SUCH a sweet heart! Only we may need to change her name. I think we are REALLY confusing poor Max with all this 'Maggie,' & 'Mags' business. Yesterday she actually 'sat' for a treat! (Just kidding- but it is getting a little confusing ;)

4:09 PM  

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