Monday, October 09, 2006


The girls and I can't stop watching this video on YOUTUBE, and thought our blog would be a good place to pass the love on.

FREE HUGS: the world could definitely use more of these!


~Poem & drawing by Shel Silverstein, WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS (1974)

Truly inspired, the girls made this great sign, with which they are planning to use to solicit FREE HUGS of their own from all of our neighbors. Maybe we'll even make our own FREE HUG video ;)

We've all been feeling a bit 'under the weather' lately (despite the beautiful day) and decided we needed a little boost via our favorite 'feel good' YOUTUBE video 'Free Hugs.' It seems that Juan has made a 'Thank You' video, and has also launched both FREE HUGS and FREE HELP websites. It really goes to show you the good that one person really CAN do. And how powerful something as simple as a hug can be in getting people to reach out an connect with each other. WAY TO GO, JUAN! JUST AMAZING!


Blogger Sarah said...

I love that video too! The girls look so cute at the bottom with their sign.
Sarah, Gryphon and Ruby

5:28 PM  

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